Heartland Historical Research Service

We answer historical questions for individuals and institutions:

  • For a novelist:  What was Mrs. Lincoln’s Chicago neighborhood like?
  • For a collectibles company: Did “Good King Wenceslas” wear a crown?
  • For a client in Sweden: Can you help me find my half-sister?

Other questions we've researched include:

  • My grandfather was murdered in 1917, can you get more information?
  • What national magazine featured the plans for my home?
  • Did a wealthy person build my home?
  • Was my garage used as a residence?
  • Who are these other people buried in my family’s plot?

Ask us about:

  • Background research
  • Document searches
  • House histories
  • Oral histories
  • Family history projects

To discuss parameters and costs, contact:

Grace DuMelle

Walter Podrazik
Creative Resources Director

Phone:  312/842-8933

Fax:  312/842-8921